What is Puglia?

This is a part of Italy, where you will at least get plus one kilogram 🙂 , because there is no other way here – this is one of the most delicious regions of Italy.

Come here for a peaceful relaxation between the century olives and vineyards in rustic masserias or agriturismo or private villas.

Puglia is the easternmost part of Italy or the so-called “heel” of the boot. Puglia haas two seas Ionian and Adriatic, 860 km of coastline, fantastic parts of the region – Salento, which is called the Italian Maldives, and Gargano – the north of Puglia with stunning archipelagoes and islands; special culture and cuisine; originality; several UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as Castel del Monte and Trulli of Alberobello. This is something you have not seen yet in Italy.

What to see in Puglia?

  • The relics of St. Nicholas in Bari.
  • Trulli in Alberobello.
  • Baroque architecture of Lecce and Martina Franca.
  • White cities Ostuni and Locorotondo.
  • The wonders of nature – the Grotta della Poesia and the grottoes of Castellana.
  • Italian Maldives – the coast of the Ionian Sea.
  • Wineries, cheese factories and frantais (production of olive oil).

We invite you to Apulia to discover a completely different, southern Italy, where every 20 km the landscape, architecture, people, dialects and cuisine change. We invite you to enjoy simple things: the sea, freshly baked bread, wine, a small talk with the locals and the surrounding measured life.

And we will help you in the organization of rest, because

  • We speak Italian;)
  • We are not a travel agency, but a personal concierge service.
  • We are located directly in Puglia, so if you need to revise several villas, we will show you them in real time.