Right a year ago this day I was finishing my luggage to finally meet the next day an unknown girl Daria at Kiev airport, take a plane, make a 2-hours layover running around Amsterdam and finally get to an Airbnb apartment in Lisbon downtown. Except Daria 5 more people were expected. And everything began from a trip to Lviv (West of Ukraine) in August 2015. After 9 years I’ve met my classmate on a rooftop around 2 am already not that sober . Later she wrote me “Hey, do you remember our last year pictures from surfing in Portugal? We are going there again in October, come with us!”. That’s how 4 girls and 3 guys from Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Lviv, Kharkiv and Kiev arrived to the edge of Europe  at the end of autumn.


So in general October 20 became an epic day to me: a beastly weather outside was wresting my umbrella, I was going to the last job talk, the same day I was informed I’d been taken, I had an enormous boom of emotions cause to all this I was going on 16-days vacation in 10 hours!

And while in Kiev the same weather was making people’s days, Lisbon met us with +20! The plan for the following 2,5 weeks was the following: gather everyone from everywhere, take a bus and in 4,5 find ourselves near the ocean in South of Portugal, persuade myself that I could have been a surfer in my previous life; come back to Lisbon in a week, meet my dearest  Portuguese friends with whom we’ve been drinking beer in a Swedish corner during the EURO-2012, hang out with the locals, make it to be at the stadium to watch Champions Leagues match, visit Sintra risking to stay there cause of damn handsome police guy and manage to surf one more time in Carcavelos  near Lisbon!

Looking forward to a week of surfing I was bragging about it all around.  Later I caught myself thinking how I would look like if I’ve never ever seen a surfboard in my life! 😀 haha
Not only a surf I haven’t seen, but I’ve never seen the people I was going to live with in one villa. 🙂 It is a challenge for a person, who loves to rule (for the first time I say it in public 😀 ) and can handle… well, for sure not the opinions of other 6 people. Not that much. 🙂
BUT! At the end, this trip turned to be one of my best in my life! No conflicts, no issues, just peace and love and surfing!

How it was I’ll tell you in my next post. Hashtag #LovePortugal, hashtag #Masha_surfer.



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