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Hi,I am a vacation planner in Puglia and in this post I’d like to share with you some really usefull tips for you next vacation in Puglia!

Region of Puglia is a perfect destination for your next vacation! If you don’t know yet where to go and which point of the map to choose, ask me! I will find you cutiest masseria or a comfort villa to rent in Puglia. Just send me an email.

Italian heel has 2 seas – Adriatic and Ionian sea. In addition to being the most eastern region of Italy, Puglia, with about 800 kilometers of coastline, is the biggest coastal region in Italy. One of Puglia’s major cities Lecce is a cultural capital of Europe in 2019. It has two fantastic areas – Salento, which is called Italian Maldives, and Gargano which is in the north of the “heel”. It owns several pieces of UNESCO World Heritage, like Castel del Monte. Not enough? Read the article till the end 😉


Puglia has the longest coast in Italy!

Tip #1 Plan your arrival to Puglia

There are two international airports in the region – Bari and Brindisi. Choose Brindisi if you want to spend your vacation in Salento and Bari airport if you will stay somewhere around Bari or around Gargano.

When flying from European countries consider what such companies like Eayjet, Wizzair flies to Bari, Ryanair to Bari and Brindisi. Lufthansa, Airfrance & KLM have a good connection with the region as well.

plan vacation in puglia

Tip #2 Book a car

In Puglia you will not be able to move without a car. All the South, wherever you go in Italy, moves only by car. The public transport is present but in a few quantity. Taxi is present only in bigger cities like Bari, Lecce, Brindisi. Otherwise you’ll be constrained stay mainly in the same place or overpay for transfers. 

Book the car very in advance, using for example Rentalcars website or Maggiore. it

Tip #3 Choose the area and your perfect beach to stay

Before choosing the area/city where you’d like to spend vacation choose the sub-region. Puglia has 3 sub-regions: Gargano, area around Bari and Salento.

Gargano in the North is rocky, Salento has sandy coasts, area below Bari is cliffy.

My personal choice is Salento!

Salento, which I told you about in details in my previous post, starts below Brindisi around the coastal towns in from of Lecce at the Adriatic side and finishes near Punta Prosciutto, Porto Cesareo at Ionian side. All these area is considered to be Italian Maldives due to its fantastic sandy beaches.



Beaches and hotels in Salento

If you want lots of bars, clubs, aperitive places around you, go to Gallipoli and the nearest areas.

Beaches in Gallipoli. Baia Verde to the South, Rivabella to the North. Everything is full of restaurants and other infrastructure all around.
From Gallipoli you can move towards Porto Cesareo and Punta Prosciutto.
Beach clubs. Bahia Porto Cesareo, Togo bay beach.

Another spots  which attracted my attention is to the north from Porto Cesareo are San Pietro in Bevagna and  Campomarino di Maruggio.

These are two small summer villages near the sea with caffes, seafood restaurants, etc. It is a good choice especially for families as it is more come area.

puglia food restaurants

beaches in Puglia

If you want to escape from noise, go to the South of the “heel” towards Pescoluse. Pescoluse is definitely a paradise. Calm and peaceful. If you want a mix, here is the list of most precious beaches.

Here I do love couple of masserias which you should give an eye. Masseria Palane is a newbie among the masserias in Salento, located in Patù, 3 kms from sandy beaches. It is a good option to easily reach both Adriatic and Ionian coast. 

Ionian coast best beaches
Puntа Prosciutto – is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Salento; Torre Castiglione, San Pietro in Bevagna, Porto Selvaggio which is a National park. 

Adriatic coast best beaches

Just in 8 kms from Otranto there is Porto Badisco, which is another breathtaking location. Baia dei Turchi, Torre dell’Orso, Grotta della Poesia, Castro Marina, Santa Cesarea Terme.

Where to stay in Puglia?

If you dont want to spend a lot of money for accomodation and have a very cute mini hotel, I advice you to go to Manduria, which is located 10 kms from amazing beaches. My prefered bed&breakfast here is Sine Tempore. This b&b has got an amazing atmosphere due to a big Italian garden, terraces and really nice rooms. Sine Tempore is located in the ancient part of Manduria – city of Primitivo.

If you are looking for a masseria around Manduria, have a look on an amazing resort Masseria Bagnara which also has a SPA and a good enoteca.

hotel puglia manduria

The garden of Sine Tempore in Manduria

best beaches puglia italy
Ionian sea in San Pietro in Bevagna

hotel puglia manduria hotel puglia manduria hotel puglia manduria

Where to stay in Monopoli

If you don’t want to go far from Bari and be in the center of Apulian touristic life, choose Monopoli for your stay, Here you’ve got everything – from really good seafood and meat restaurants to the variety of what to do.

There are lots of options where to stay in Monopoli, here are some really worthy:

Dimora Madina – a very typical 4-floors apartment in the down town of Monopoli with your own terrace on the roof.

apartments monopoli puglia
At Dimora Madina rooftop terrace

apartments monopoli puglia

apartments monopoli puglia

Torre Santa Sabina, Fasano. Adriatic cost

Tip #4 Learn some Italian

Notwithstanding there are lots of English, German people, in Puglia Italians don’t speak English a lot. So be ready to find yourself in a totally authentic Italy. 🙂

And I will start to think about making video lessons of Italian language 😀

Tip #5 Choose the right time to come to Puglia

If you want to dive into Italian lifestyle choose July and August. Starting from August 15 all the Italy go on vacation. Obviously, in Puglia, this is the highest season and the prices triple. If you want to be in a desert or at least calmer atmosphere choose beginning of June and September. The prices are adequate.


trulli puglia

Read the post about vacation in Gallipoli with the detailed description of the details like a special system of booking in South of Italy and more.

Salento area map
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5 thoughts on “5 tips to plan your vacation in Puglia, Italy

    • masha says:

      Hi, if you want to shop in Puglia, I’d recommend you Martina Franca – it has a lot of manufacturing around the city, and lots of various shops in the downtown. Also Bari. The is an outlet in Molfetta, but as for me it is not worthy visiting. Did I answer you question? Or were you searching for smth else?

  1. Milana says:

    Thank you so much for this post! It is really helpful! So what city do you suggest to stay in if I come to Salento this summer? And do you know how to come from the Brindisi airport to that city? Thank you in advance!

    • masha says:

      Hi Milana,
      I am glad you find this info useful!
      First of all if you need an apartment or a villa, or a hotel, you can always make me a request. I work with lots of hotels, b&bs, apartments and villas. So I can find it for you.

      All depends on your requests, if there are kids or not. You can go to Gallipoli or to Pescoluse (Italian Maldives). Th epublic trasport is not well developed to the Ioniain cost, but there are a lot of private shuttles. It take you aroun 1,15 hours to get to Gallipoli and 32 euros.

      By public transport you’ll have to get from Brindisi to lecce and from there by train Lecce -Gallipoli http://www.fseonline.it/ using this website of the local train company.

  2. Alison Pike says:

    Hi Maria
    Your blog is interesting but I would love to pick your brains a bit more 🙂 My hubby are from New Zealand. We have travelled extensively. We are considering the Puglia region from mid May next year. We prefer the quaint genuine small villages away from the crowds. Matera is on the bucket list for obvious reasons. What we are not so sure about is the area appears to be quite flat. We would really appreciate any information or suggestions. We are adventurous love walking. Have done the Amalfi Coastline, Cinque Terre, Northern Italy, the Lakes area, so it’s where to next !!! Love to hear from you. Warmest Regards Alison and Graeme Pike

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